5 Ways to Get Out of a Content Rut

If you’re a marketer or a content creator it’s highly likely that at some point you’ve found yourself in a rut.  Maybe your subject matter hasn’t had a lot of engagement, maybe it’s your own brand and you’re having a hard time putting yourself out there, or maybe you’re just bored to tears with what you’re writing about.

Especially if you’re still working on gaining traction and you’re not seeing any return from your content, it’s only normal to wonder if you’re wasting your time.  However, it’s important to remember that in order to drive engagement you generally need a steady stream of content. That said, not every piece has to be Pulitzer worthy.  So, what can you do to get out of your rut, change your mindset, and improve your content?


1. Take a break.

If you’re really struggling and your business model allows for it, take a break to reset.  You have to be honest with yourself about a realistic timeline here, but sometimes backing off from the thing you’re stuck on allows you to return with more clarity.

2. Try something different.

If your process has started to feel too redundant, do something different.  Try a new format, a new place to work, or a different type of content. Even small adjustments can sometimes be all the change you need.

3. Write anything.

Having trouble staying interested in the topics in your content planner?  Forget about them (temporarily) and just write about something you’re interested in.  You don’t even have to publish it if it’s completely irrelevant, but having an enjoyable content creation experience can help get you back into a groove.

4. Use your network.

One of the smartest things you can do is surround yourself with smart people. People in your circle are often happy to help, so let them!  Think about the expertise among your friends, family, colleagues, and consider how it relates to your subject matter. Conduct interviews, recruit guest bloggers, ask them to record a video — however you utilize the help it’s sure to refresh your content.

5. Start small.

When you’re having trouble getting through longer pieces, skip them for now.  Try shorter pieces, or even infographics or video snippets. You can even revisit content you’ve published in the past to add a fresh perspective and drive engagement towards what you already have.


If you’re stuck in a rut, don’t despair — I promise, all is not lost.  With a little discipline and some refocusing, you can ramp right back up and start working towards your goals.

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