The Guilty Momma is a little business and a little mildly sarcastic content.  For me it is a creative outlet and a way to stay sharp while not missing a moment with my kids.  My hope is that, for you, The Guilty Momma is a place where you find what you need, whether that’s business services or a fresh and informed take on a social or parenting issue.

I’m not actually guilty of anything outside of my own mind and the minds of the judgmental (but aren’t we all?), but after wasting too much time festering with guilt anyway I decided to lean into it and embrace it while doing something for myself…and so The Guilty Momma was born.

So, who am I, other than a guilty mom?  Professionally I’m an MBA with over a decade of marketing experience.  I’m especially well versed in content and copywriting, brand development, marketing strategy, PR, and events, but I’ve always worked in startups so if you name it I’ve probably done it.  Personally, I’m a mom of three living in the ‘burbs with my husband and kids, just figuring shit out as best I can.